How to Purchase

6 simple steps (Video)

1) Select desired Event(s)

Select concert event(s) you wish to attend.

2) Discover the Details

Please pay attention to the concert details such as performers, date, time, and ticket price. This will help you plan your night out and ensure you arrive in style.

3) Seating Options

Choose your preferred seats and get ready to be serenaded. You may select from available seat areas such as Orchestra, Terrace, Balcony, Mezzanine, and Chorus, each offering a unique perspective and experience for the event. Please note that seat colors indicate the availability and price of the seat. Grey color indicated that seats are not available.

4) Fill in Your Details

Fill in your contact information (name, email, and active Whatsapp phone number) in buy as guest column, registeration is not required. We will use this information to send you updates and information regarding your ticket purchase.

5) Make the Music Happen

Select your preferred payment method and make the music happen. Choose from an array of payment methods such as via transfer by QR, credit card, and virtual account. Please ensure that you complete your payment before the given time to confirm your seat reservation.

6) Experience the Magic

Your ticket will be sent straight to your email inbox from trusted box office within 1-3 days. You’ll be ready to experience the magic of the concert. Below is the example of the E-ticket for concert admission.

Please make sure to read our terms and conditions before making your purchase to ensure you have all the information you need for a smooth and enjoyable experience.